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The Devil Drinks Coffee Review

Published August 6, 2013 by jessorshine


The Devil Drinks Coffee
Author: Destiny Ford
published: May,21st,2013
Published By: Midnight Sands Publishing
Pages: 358
Genre: Mystery

Source: Purchased by myself for the pleasure of reading

Book Description (From Goodreads)

A cow suicide, a revolving door rescue, and the birth of a bright purple pig are starting to make Kate Saxee wonder if taking a job in her small hometown of Branson Falls, Utah, was such a great idea. As The Branson Tribune editor, Kate covers local news, which, more often than not, involves her accident-prone mom. Nothing truly newsworthy has ever happened in the quiet town until local teen Chelsea Bradford turns up dead in a Branson Falls lake.

The police rule Chelsea’s death an accident, but Kate suspects there’s more to the story—and she’s not the only one. Two of Branson’s most eligible bachelors are determined to help her solve the crime—among other things. But the small town social network is faster than Twitter, and gossip about Kate’s love-life is quickly branding her the Branson Falls hussy.

As Kate learns more about Chelsea, she discovers that plenty of people are trying to cover up the real story behind the girl’s death—including Chelsea’s parents. Now Kate has to juggle work, men, her mom’s most recent disaster involving a low-speed John Deere Combine chase on the freeway, and fend off the Mormons heaven-bent on saving her soul—all while solving Chelsea’s murder. Dealing with this is going to require a lot of coffee, chocolate frosted donuts, Neil Diamond’s greatest hits, and a slew of words not on the town approved imitation swear list. (Book description Goodreads)

characters: Kate Saxee, Dylan Drake, Ryker Hakins (Hawke), Spence Jacobs, Ella James, Sophie Saxee, Damon Saxee, The “Ladies”, Jule Bradford, Office Bob (Bobby), piper, Shawn

My thoughts

This book is a fantastic start to what I feel is going to be a wonderful series. It pulled me in and held my attention from page one and I could not put it down. This book has purple pigs, revolving doors, coffee I mean hot chocolate,and a mother who can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Kate moves back to her home town to take a job as editor of her local paper The Branson Tribune. The paper is small and it seems like she is never able to fill the pages. The unexpected happens local teen Chelsea Bradford is found dead in Branson Falls Lake. Her death is quickly ruled accidental and the funeral happens right away. This whole incident does not sit right with Kate and she feels that there is more to the story that meets the eye. She becomes determined to find out what happened to Chelsea and why its being covered up. As she is solving the case she spends time with three of her towns most eligible bachelors her high school crush Drake, meets the new mystery man in town Hawke, and her boss Spence. Not only are all three men eligible bachelors but all three are incredibly hot. The way Drake and Hawke are pursuing Kate creates a lot of sexual Tension throughout the book.
I laughed so hard when Sophie had one of her “accidents” she just can’t seem to keep out of trouble. You never seem to know what she is going to get into next but you know it is going to be slightly bizarre. There is never a dull moment where Sophie is concerned. I enjoyed the conflict the “Ladies” stirred up throughout the whole book. The Ladies are the towns “Real Housewives” and the birth place of just about every town rumor. Every time anyone sees her with Drake or Hawke a new series of rumors are stirred up, and it seems everyone knows about it.
Destiny Ford’s writing and story telling are on par. She is able to capture what small town life is and bring it to life in a story. The Devil Drinks Coffee is a wonderful read with, murder, mystery, intrigue, hot and steamy, sexual tension, and huge twist at the end. This book did not disappoint. I cannot wait for the second book to come out and see what Kate is involved with next. Rate: 4/5


Max Starr Book 1 review.

Published August 2, 2013 by jessorshine

Dead to the Max ( Max Starr #1)

By Jasmine Haynes

Genre:  Paranormal romance/ Mystery


Dead to the Max (Max Starr, #1)

I was recently reviewing  Amazons vast Kindle E-books selection and came across Dead to the Max (Max Starr #1)  by Jasmine Haynes. The description of the book pulled me in so I figured what the heck it was a free purchase anyway so I decided to give it a shot

Thirty-something, down-on-her-luck accountant Max Starr has the unfortunate gift of being psychic, a newly-discovered wrinkle in her already messed-up life. Her husband, Cameron, is dead, killed in a botched 7-11 robbery two years ago. She’s cut herself off from friends, moved out of her San Francisco home in favor of a studio apartment, and dumped her flourishing career as a CPA to do temp work.

And now Max has developed an annoying penchant for attracting the spirits of murdered women. Okay, they possess her. And to exorcize them, Max must unmask their killers. But how?! By stepping into the void their deaths created, taking their jobs, befriending the loved ones they left behind. Max goes wherever she has to go and does whatever she has to do, with a lot of help from the ghost of her late husband Cameron and hunky and very enticing Detective Witt Long.

In Dead to the Max, Book 1 in the Max Starr series, Max steps into the shoes of a murdered accountant and starts to learn that even supposedly boring accountants can have secret lives and secret desires. Max just has to hope the secrets she uncovers don’t get her killed, too.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this book immensely.  Max is a character of a different sorts and the story to me was a breath of fresh air. Max is a very interesting character shes developed a psychic ability and is kept company by the ghost of her deceased husband Cameron. I enjoyed her relationship with Cameron and it seems throughout the story line a relationship may be budding with Detective Long.   To be honest I think that she needs someone who will be able to pull her out of the dark place shes at and help get her back onto land. Max has difficulty trusting and forming relationships with anyone she has not spoke to her best friend in two years when she saddled her with her cat. Throughout the story we start to understand where Max’s emotional baggage comes from and why her current case is difficult for her.  She is very determined to solve the case of who killed Wendy and will do whatever she feels it will take to get there. The choices that she makes are not always the best ideas but they do seem to generate results for her. I enjoyed the story line and way the main characters developed I hope in the next book there will be more of an advancement between her and Detective Long. The who done it was not who I expected for most of the book it was a great ending.  I enjoyed how everything built up to that point even if Max was not completely happy with it.

This story contained murder, mystery, some paranormal aspects, romance, humor, and lots of twists and turns. Also It contained a lot of sexually charged and explicit material. If you enjoy a main character who is special/paranormal with out sprouting fangs, hair or fly’s on a boom stick this may be a good read for you. This book was a refreshing change from the the most resent  paranormal books that I have read.  The book pulled me right in from the beginning with page one and I consider it a must read.  4/5